Storage Tips


  • Obtain free cardboard boxes from retailers like Spar and Pick and Pay. We encourage recycling.
  • Buy locks from hardware stores before you arrive. We also sell locks.
  • Ensure that the lock you buy is for OUTDOOR use and good quality. Fit a minimum of two padlocks.
  • Cover your valuables with some form of protection. Cover cars and caravans and place old blankets on furniture etc.
  • Store appliances like washing machines and fridges only when its dry and also keep the doors open.
  • Install shelving or use old shelves. We recommend
  • Advise your insurance company that your goods are at ZEE Storage, they will continue to cover your goods.
  • Entry outside office hours by pre-arrangement for security reasons.
  • No smoking on storage premises.
  • Call ADT immediately in the case of an emergency - 021 872 4636.